Saturday, June 25, 2011

best song!

bhai tika ma baat na aww la!!!!!!... bedai cha ahja li..(2).
na roi jaw cheli !! ahsih cha timi li. po rai nai afnu hoon..affnu nai pa rai.........
bhai tika ma baat na aww la!!!!!!...... na roi jaw cheli!!!!

maitee ko cho kho kosaylee hola samjanaa cheli li......(2).
kam mai na garchung, sukha ma hayray ko pa rai gar janay li.
bhai tika ma baat na aww la!!!!!!...... na roi jaw cheli!!!!

doiba ko lekha karma ko rekha may tay ra mayteen dai naaa....... (2)
samja na aww cha bakanno futcha ashu yooo rokin dai naa....(2)
bhai tika ma baat na aww la!!!!!!... bedai cha ahja li.
na roi jaw cheli !! ahsih cha timi li.

.............................By Raju Lama!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

So who said it was easy to keep old flames burning?
Even experts could use a little divine help now and then.
The easy part is to go out and be brilliant as Shakespeare.
Harder--much harder--to be the light dancing in someone else's eyes.

Lights such as love require more faith than fuel.
Of all leaps, the most dangerous is into the mind of your lover.
Regarding miracles: What is less explicable than
Remaining in love through the long icy anguish of anger?
All lovers long for freedom only slightly less than they fear it.
In the end, love burns not desire but fear.
Not one of us would be capable of keeping the fire burning
Except for the knowledge that it is the sweetest, best, and most
beautiful thing in our lives.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Unanswered Crush

Between woods and hills lies the paradise, Jigsher. (Beautiful Khaling)..A usual friendship with smile is all i remember,two years of my stay in Khaling is my sweetest memory now. When i first met her we were in eleven grade. I didn't knew that i would be chained to this destiny .......
On the first day i looked her walking into the class with a pencil box,and a bag dangling down her left shoulder. Yea, it's so vivid,it was a love at first sight and still i remember my friends giggling when they saw me staring at her. wah! she had a wavy hairs neither completely black nor so attractive couldn't help myself falling for her.With such a girl in my class i had never felt luckier. I was always back bencher just to see her everyday in front despite i being the smallest in the class. Sleeping at the back and looking at her were the reason why i scored zero in physics test."sorry sir Purna"....For first few weeks i couldn't speak to her, she already had many friends around, which kept me away in fantasy of she being all mine. I chose her best friend in the hope that she will know me, her friend used to call me Ata with out who i could not have made out of my dreams. "thanks sister Kinga"
finally, we were good friend. But more i knew her, the more i felt walking away from her! i heard few guys approached her, a usual teenage love all in vain. I kept myself away just to know that i was already in love with her, my only wish was to propose her and give my one time true love. On some other time, i thought to be in love each other was kind of"Pyaar Impossible" being nepali was a big issue i considered, hoping to forget her next year when i reach class twelve but every time was impossible, and still now! another year was ending i was worried where we would be after higher secondary more than for BHSEC. Till than i was a good boy she knew it, but opps, on December 2007 i was made to stand up in the dining hall for drinking beer by our principal, that was how my last impression became the first. After exams were done we departed each other like the previous year!
But we were not done, in winter 2008 i had a little talk near the Lungten zampa, Thimphu with her, she was out for vegetable shopping."The Last Meeting" i told her i'm leaving for studying abroad..............It has been six years now and i m still hopelessly in love, i always think she is waiting for me some where,but it is just a dream..i heard recently she is graduating this year. Yea i used to ring her but all were in wrong time. Last afternoon a friend by fate, she was online. Hands shaking, Palm sweating, fiddling with the mouse, and glancing at her picture with the eye of my heart i was lost waiting she would say "hey" but i was wrong..hopping she was waiting me to say something i was the first to say "hi", now i sigh with failure and thats final. Maybe god has made me for her, like she is made for him. Guess this is life!
she is happy thats all i wanted, she has a caring friend too. Good people's are good here and every where, life goes we will live. Although i will never become a king but you will always be my queen.........

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All Alone

A daydream is an evasion
You are made in the image of what you desire
And lose our selves at the same time
When ambition ends happiness begins

Death is some one you see very clearly with eyes in the centre of your heart
Happiness is not a matter of intensity but
of balance order rhythm and harmony
We do not find meaning of life by our selves alone
we find it with another

Love is its own reward
Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real
The tighter you squeeze the less you have
We do not exist for our selves
It is this loneliness that the deepest activities begins!
to be contd......